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Event at the Swiss Embassy

The first week of February had been phenomenal as the team Magventz worked through the event for Rieter India at the Swiss Embassy  (Embassy of the Swiss Confederation) in New Delhi.

Event at the Swiss Embassy
The team works on corporate events but this becomes a bit more challenging when working in an Embassy. We prepared the venue at the Swiss Embassy as per the requirements of the client decorating the place effectively, branding, and setting out the stage, the buffet area and a nice bar counter.

The Challenges working at the Swiss Embassy

We and the client worked on a good budget that could financially settle up everything. Moreover, we had to work with a few more challenges like restricted work timings in the Swiss Embassy premises, permissions from the traffic police department. Extra precaution in terms of the elegancy of the decor, comfortable arrangements for the guests were taken since top industry players and government officials were in attendance.

We had to keep updating the client on the latest developments prior to the event. We kept the client in tabs in relation to the work towards décor, branding and arrangements. Additionally, we slotted in some entertainment in the event’s program. These were a few music and dance performances as per the client’s request. In a way, the event also involved exchange of culture between the two countries.

During the event, we engaged photographers to take photos of those in attendance as per their wish. We met up with the client review for the event.

Celebrating the success!

In the end everything worked as expected. Congratulations to the team members on the grand success of the event!

There is no way the event would have gone as smoothly as it did without the attentiveness of the Swiss Embassy. We have received such wonderful feedback that would not have been possible without the support we received…We look forward to doing another event at the Swiss Embassy.

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